Friday, September 30, 2011

T.I.- I'm Flexin (feat. Big K.R.I.T.)

Welcome da fuk back, T.I.; I hope the halfway house is better than prison. Since he's gotten a chance to get back on the mic, Tip has let loose a slew of verses with the likes of Jeezy, Tity Boi (Sam, he hopped on a remix of "Spend It") and now Mississippi representer Big K.R.I.T. Krit is a guy who was an aspiring southern rapper who aspired so hard he became one. Oh, and he laced this mufucka!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pusha T- Don't Fuck Wit Me

Oh. My. Dick. This shit speaks for itself. But, if you're not in the loop, this is Pusha T's diss aimed at Drake. Aubrey musta fucked up this time cause Push sounds pissed. These metaphors are just nasty. Yeesh. Someone had to do it, and I'm glad its Pusha Ton.

Schoolboy Q- Druggys Wit Hoes Again (feat. Ab-Soul)

I done put hands on people for sayin stupid shit namsayin.

Jon Connor- Blue City Club + Ain't No Future

Finally got around to listening Jon Connor's album Salvation, and it's really fucking good. I mean scarily good. The dude has got talent, flow, lyrics, the shit's all on point. This first track feature a slew of like-minded Flint, Michigan rappers over an absolutely addictive beat. The second is more of an old school jam with Jon Connor just ridin the beat like no other. I mean this guy is just eating the beat's vagina. He's making it come.

Domo Genesis- Guess Who's Back (feat. Casey Veggies)

Like I said even before it came out, Odd Future's Domo Genesis is really onto something with this new mixtape of his. His rapping is on point and his weed references seem like a fresh break from the now-tired Wiz Khalifa-led crop of young stoner rappers. Him and Casey Veggies mesh perfectly together on this beautiful track; I'd like to seem them work together more often. Edit: "n**** born in '93", good god, good god.

Method Man & Redman- Da Rockwilder

As usual, I'M ON THAT OLD SHIT. Finally got around to researching the history of these two, and realized the amount of dope shits I missed. I'm embarassed I wasn't conscious of this banger when it came out. But I was only 7.

The Doppelgangaz- Doppel Gospel

These two Harlem rappers just dropped an absolutely faht LP called Lone Sharks, that is required material fro any real hip hop head. Check out the album, and this choice nug.

Friday, September 16, 2011

ASAP Rocky- New York Bittersweet Symphony

ASAP Rocky is an up-and-comer from Harlem who I got put on to through is feature on the new Smoke DZA track "4 Loko" from his recent effort Rolling Stoned. ASAP loves to abuse dat lean hence his mixtape being called Purple Swag. On this one he goes in over The Verve's 90's hit to pretty nice effect.

Domo Genesis- Benediction

Domo's one of the better Odd Future members and his weeded-out urban flow reaches its pinnacle on this Toca Tuesdays freestyle from Shade 45 radio. Domo's startin to sound a little Wuish. Can't ever ever hate dat. Respect this shast.

Lupe Fiasco- Carrera Lu

This is a previously unreleased track that just made it onto the 5th anniversary edition of Lu's seminal debut album Food & Liquor. It's great to be reminded that Wasalu actually remembers the time when he was known for tricky word play and hype-ass cuts. Too bad Atlantic likes to pour pussy juice down their artists' throats. Oh well, Lupe is forever regardless.

Jedi Mind Tricks- Target Practice

This that new Jedi Mind I know ya'll been fiendin for. Vin's back to his grittiest mode in a while, riding over a typically epic beat from Stoupe on this track said to be on their upcoming album Violence Begets Violence. These vets still have it on lock.

Roc 'C'- Don't Stop (feat. Oh No & Pok Dog)

This is SUCH a nice beat from Madlib's fam. Roc 'C' is an underground MC I just got into. He's good and stuff.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

JD Era- Friday The 13th (prod. Beat Merchant)

JD Era may have a pretty gay name but he's a Raekwon signee that's got it in deep with the Wu. The Toronto spitter's mixtape Th1rt3en is a really, really good listen with a bunch of solid tracks. This one's the opener, and I gotta say Beat Merchant laced this mufucka.

Freddie Gibbs- U Know What To Do (feat. Insanity)

Some double-time heat from Gangsta Gibbs of Traps N Trunks Volume 23. Gibbs always comes with that heat.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Smoke DZA- We Out

Smoke DZA just dropped a new album called Rolling Stoned, and it comes highly recommended. This is SUCH a fatty beat, and I must say DZA is definitely geting better and better. Respect this goddamn select. And check out the rest of the LP, because there's a bunch of nice cuts.

GZA/Genius- 0% Finance

This is a really eccentric, dense GZA cut with a steady knock for a beat and a relentless flow.

Nas- Film

Here's another unreleased gem from Nas' new Lost Albums compilation. There's a head-dizzying number of tracks I haven't heard before on here, and they're all quality. I love this one, the girl on the hook kinda reminds me of McKenzie Eddy, which is a great thing. The acoustic track and stream of consciousness, Queensbridge flow make for a perfect Nas song. Grab the downloads here.