Friday, November 25, 2011

Baths- Plea

I know its not a rap song, but it has a beat, and its a fuggin dope cut. Respect the select. I wanna see Baths start producing songs with rappers, but it'll probably never happen.

Tity Boi- Got One (prod. Mike Will)

Here's a new banger from Teta Chico himself. His new mixtape T.R.U. Realigion is pretty much a joke, but hella fun to wile out to. This track and a few others certify this project as probably his best besides only 2010's Codeine Cowboy. Edit: I just wanna note that Mike Will must've absolutely abused an MPC to get this beat. I mean, just slamming those pads.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Main Attarkionz- Blackberry Ku$h (Mixtape)

Finally to finish off this round of posts, I've got two absolutely John Fio-status FAHT cuts from the hottest duo out, Main Attrakionz. Among all this amazing Green Ova music, Main Attrakionz' mixtape Blackberry Ku$h is up there as one of the best. The "Cloud Skatin" and "Stoner Gang" songs are so good, I really don't know what to say. "Stoner Gang" is produced by spook-master Spaceghostpurrp., and make sure you stick around "Cloud Skatin'" to hear the irreverent Danny Brown slay a beat.

Main Attrakionz- Blackberry Ku$h (Download)

Lloyd Banks- The Cold Corner 2 (Mixtape)

You guys already know what I said about the "Shock The World" joint, so it shouldn't shock that world that I think Banks' new project, The Cold Corner 2, is one of his best thus far. His smoked-out voice is smooth over almost any beat, but it's worth noting how good Banks' beat really can be. It's honestly solid from top to bottom, certainly worth a look, especially considering it boasts production from Araabmuzik and features from ASAP Rocky and Prodigy.

Lloyd Banks- The Cold Corner 2 (Download)

Mondre- Dope Since 1991 (Mixtape)

Mondre is one half of Main Attrakionz, and has some good work under his own name. His solo tape, Dope Since 1991, is a good collection of songs, many produced by his other half, Squadda B. These two tracks are my favorite, but check out the tape if you want more. "I'm the golden one: Willy Wonka, James Bond!"

Mondre- Dope Since 1991 (Download)

Mobb Deep- Conquer

Here's a cut from Mobb Deep's upcoming EP, Black Cocaine. I don't really know what "Black Cocaine" is but its sounds fuckin radical. This beat is fantaaaastic, give it a lis.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Green Ova Undergrounds- The Shady Bambino Project

Speaking of Green Ova, I'm about to post samples of a bunch of their projects. One of these, rapper Shady Blaze and producer Squadda B's The Shady Bambino Project contains some of the best music I've heard in a while. Squadda pairs his psychedelic swirl with Shady Blaze's fast raps, a technique that's considerably striking. Squadda B's beats are truly incredible (see: "Ridin' Wit G.O.) and sometimes the double or even triple-time verses can get a bit irritating. But on the other hand, the spray of words can create a tornado-like effect, essentially becoming one with the beat. Okay now respect these fucking selects, I PROMISE YOU WONT BE DISAPPOINTED.

Main Attrakionz- 808's & Dark Grapes II (Mixtape)

This is my new favorite group, and I'm embarrassed I was more or less sleeping on them. Green Ova Undergrounds representers Main Attrakionz (Squadda B & Mondre) make some of the best, most meaningful and forward thinking hip hop I've heard in a long time. They're beats are off-kilter, sun-kissed psychedelia consisting of heavily chopped samples and deep, resonant bass. The raps are ramblings about drugs and the unique lives of these two guys. The music is really fucking good, right up my alley. There's even a song featuring ASAP Rocky produced by Clams Casino.This mixtape is a must-download and I really recommend checking out more Green Ova stuff before they blow up.

Main Attrakionz- 808's & Dark Grapes II (Download)

ASAP Rocky- LiveLoveASAP (Mixtape)

The hype-beast machine is always churning its cogs spewing out new internet darlings every six months. The recent attention-grabber is Harlem's ASAP Rocky, who's been posted on once before (Edit: before he blew up mind you). His new mixtape LiveLoveASAP (or is it LiveLaughLove?) garnered him enough hype to snag a huge deal with Sony. Good for him, because the tape is thankfully pretty darn good. Clams Casino, a guy we've been pumping since his work with Lil B this spring, provides a bunch of great, moody beats and Rocky proves to be a capable rapper. He loves his lean and weed, and it shows, but this tape is solid from top to bottom. Here's a select cut, and go ahead and download the tape.

ASAP Rocky- LiveLoveASAP (Download)

Immortal Technique- Civil War (feat. Killer Mike, Brother Ali & Chuck D)

Immortal Technique's got a new mixtape online right now called Civil War. This is the standout track from the project featuring the likes of Brother Ali, site favorite Killer Mike and Chuck D of Public Enemy on the hook. The concious lyrics come to us via Tech's post-3rd World growl, Killer Mike's preachy bombast and Brother Ali's emotive introspection. Plus the beat knocks.

Young Jeezy- .38

Here's some new Jeezy that goes even harder than usual. Gotta love the Snowman's beat selection.