Monday, October 24, 2011

Technical Struggles

Hello all my loyal readers, if there are any. My laptop recently suffered some water damage and is gonna be in the shop for a little while. RTS is gonna be slow for a bit, assuming E-Swags doesn't start posting all of a sudden. Just a heads up; check back here for more hot beats and intelligent rhymes in the future. Peace.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sir Michael Rocks- I'm Doggin'

This my personal favorite cut off Michael's newest mixtape, Premier Politics. It's good, but Mikey is definitely in need of Chuck Inglish's icy production. This one's got a jungle beat while Sir Michael of the Rocks talks about swaggin on bitches.

Lloyd Banks- Shock The World

This is my favorite song from Lloyd Banks in, well, ever. Yes, ever. I think this song is fucking amazing. From the beat to the flow to the fact that this G-Unit tough-guy sounds like he's crying: it's all awesome. Check it out, it will shock your world.

Buddy- Awesome Awesome (prod. The Neptunes)

THIS SONG IS FIRE. Buddy is an unknown rapper from Compton who's got cosigns from Kendy Lamar and The Neptunes. So thats pretty fucking dope. This track here surfaced on the soundtrack from HBO's How To Make In America.

N.O.R.E.- Scared Money (feat. Pusha T & Meek Mill)

Scared money don't make no money. This track from Noreaga has a super fatty beat and line up featuring good spitting from all three MC's. This is just good hip-hop.