Wednesday, November 9, 2011

ASAP Rocky- LiveLoveASAP (Mixtape)

The hype-beast machine is always churning its cogs spewing out new internet darlings every six months. The recent attention-grabber is Harlem's ASAP Rocky, who's been posted on once before (Edit: before he blew up mind you). His new mixtape LiveLoveASAP (or is it LiveLaughLove?) garnered him enough hype to snag a huge deal with Sony. Good for him, because the tape is thankfully pretty darn good. Clams Casino, a guy we've been pumping since his work with Lil B this spring, provides a bunch of great, moody beats and Rocky proves to be a capable rapper. He loves his lean and weed, and it shows, but this tape is solid from top to bottom. Here's a select cut, and go ahead and download the tape.

ASAP Rocky- LiveLoveASAP (Download)

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