Monday, July 1, 2013

Ethelwulf & Bones- ダサい (Mixtape)

Repping that Raider Klan name, Ethelwulf has recently disassociated from his Florida / Memphis crew and delved way deeper into drugs and the psychedelic side of life. His new Japanese-titled mixtape with white dopeboy and LSD dealer Bones is a straight cloud rap gambit. The project is filled with airy, spacey beats that come through in tye dye and the lyrical fare doesn't stray far from a theme of "I take acid, your bitch wants me, my parents hate me, I'll kill you with a katana". But I'm feeling it; these boys are definitely speaking on some real shit as they combine their Three-6-Mafia flows with Green Ova-esque acidic beats. Gone is some of Ethelwulf's lyrical ferocity and technicality that we saw on The Wolf Gang Rodolphe but the adjustment fits the mixtape's aesthetic. Overall, this tape is fantastic to sit back and spark to on a sunny morning. My selects are "House Shoes" with it's slick guitar riff and no-fucks-given weed raps along with the ominous "Blood Rain" and a track that Bones absolutely kills "Bloody Gown", so make sure you get to his verse.  Whoever Bones is, I want to hear more from a dude that says "No matter what I say, my skin is white / So they always gon' hate me".


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